The German election hodgepodge

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Tomorrow is the big day, finally! After one year of election lassitude, this whole process is going to come to an end. The big question arises of who to vote  tomorrow?

It seems like the whole election campaigns are suffering from a serious disease of levity. The best example is the last weeks Bavarian elections. Unexpectedly the German Liberal Party missed the percentage level for entering the bavarian parliament. As the elections in the largest and most prosperous state of Germany served as a test for the main elections happening tomorrow, this loss of votes is a a sign for an incipient decline of the parties role in the parliament of the whole country. But what happens when the Liberal Party, major coalition party of the currently ruling Christian-Democrats, forfeit in the elections? And what will happen, when the Green Party, coalition party of the major opposing Social-Democrats, will denote decreasing votes as well?

I guess, everyone will concur, that the election campaigns have been tenuous until now. Green party and the Social Democrats have been ruling out the option of cooperating with the Christian Democrats or the Left Wing Party and declared this part of their campaign program. After the recent results at the Bavarian elections, they suddenly capriciously changed their mind. New considerable possibilities for future parliament constructions have been arising since then, e.g. great coalition with the two major parties Social- and Christian Democrats. This options has been considered in the past and has definitely been gainsaid.

Incipiently the political awareness and the importance of interaction has been increasing since a few years. But this was a frugal journey. During the last period of great coalition government, in 2005, the political interest among the society was a torpor and in case of repetition it might be imminent. Election promises have been inconsequential and decisions have been stymy. This contentious partnership lacks candid transparency for the society and therefore the countries voters.

Without mocking the current state of election debates, my idea for sustaining political interest is not going to be solved by changing party and campaign programs whenever spearheads think it might allow them to win new votes. The Green party changes their “values” from one day to the other – from tax debates to renewable energies – where is the credibility? It has been a long path to create a better image of politics, why starkly diminishing it again?


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